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Fully air-conditioned and in compliance with the latest smoking regulations, it features red velvet lounge chairs and hardwood side tables warmly illuminated by candlelight. You can enjoy music of any kind ranging from timeless Italian classics to the latest international hits, performed by famous singers and music bands ready to delight their guests with live shows.
A special place for special people…

Alessandro Borile
Our bar

Cocktails & Drinks

A good drink at this point is mandatory and here there’s plenty to choose from: from alcoholic drinks to seasonal non-alcoholic ones to classic drinks prepared with extraordinary skills and care by our barman, Gianni. For those who love traditional choices, there’s nothing else to do but to rely on him. Gianni will guide you to choose among the many champagne varieties from the bar’s well-stocked cellar or recommend you the best and most special spirits such as 100-year-old vintage cognac, Japanese whisky, and Central America rum distilled directly from sugar cane.
These are only some of the wonderful surprises that await you at the “Victoria Club Riserva”

Download the menu

Our Menu

What follows is a small selection from our menu. You can download the full version by clicking on the button below.


Gin, Apricot Brandy, Orange Juice

Champagne cocktail

Brandy, Champagne, Angostura, sugar cube

White Russian

Vodka, coffee flavored liquor, milk cream

Bourbon & Ginger Ale

Distilled liquor, soft drink


Vodka, Triple sec, lime juice... with your favorite brand

Triple Pirinha

Lime, raw cane sugar, Triple sec

Midori Sour

Lemon juice, sugar syrup, Midori

Pineaple Mojito

Lime juice, brown cane sugar, Peppermint Rum, Pineapple nectar

Long Beach Ice Tea

Gin, Rum, Vodka, Sweet & sour, Triple sec, Cranberry


Liquore lyquee, Bitter lemon

Rum Cooler

Rum, Lime, Sugar, Ginger ale

White Spider

Peppermint cream b., ...Cognac or vodka, your choice

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Our Bartender

Gianni Rebecca, Bartender since 1988 has been running his own business since 2015…. Following specialization courses and product update courses, in 2001 he gained the title of Barman and right after the one of Head Barman.
While working in cooperation with major international liquor companies he also worked in a variety of Veneto-region areas never neglecting his role at the Padua-based Spa House.
Since 2005 it is a reference figure in the Live Music & Dance “Victoria Club” of Abano Terme, where he offers his skills in the preparation of Cocktails & Drinks.
His vision is… everything is the opposite of everything…. but…. I love a determined person

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